TEMADES is a virtual space for new media art.

Currently worked singularly by Gabriel Peredo, an engineer originally from the ever-promising, maybe now-delivering city of Valdivia, Chile, it showcases generative art works created with the intention of not passing off anything else, placing technique and the user/player/viewer both at the center.

All works are guaranteed to be comprised of 100% synthetic, free-range game programming the likes of which has been made even before computers had screens. Any derivativeness of the resulting works is the product of old-fashioned lack of originality, not the fruit of AI models.


New media art is entering a crisis of legitimacy in two fronts, caused by the callousness of people engaging in it. The grievances against computer art are legitimate, but the onus is on the practicioners, not the medium itself as a whole.

On the one hand is the irruption of AI art, driven by researchers and kleptocrats with no regard to art itself, and much less to artists.

This is an opportunistic, uncompensated upwards transfer of wealth that even a neoliberal shill like the self-styled director of TEMADES can recognize.

The second front is from the nascent academic establishment that had worked hard to create a space for new media art, and that now is producing heartfelt mea-culpas for its entirely willing flirtations with the obvious swindles that were cryptocurrency-related monetization schemes.

This wasn't monied power forcing its entry in any way, or a fundamental moral failing of computers as tools for art, it was the fault of people that saw an opportunity that didn't materialize, with no regards to negative outcomes to society.

Rooting out this corruption can be done without discarding the computer as a creative medium, in fact, it should be.